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Flávio Flávio wondered where he would be without the gospel.  Brazil Edit this Entry
Hope Builders Inner-city children are finding Christ instead of finding trouble.  Brazil Edit this Entry
Birth and Death Stories of new life that extend far beyond the grave.  Japan Edit this Entry
“Can you take it?” When challenges push us to give up, God’s Word has the answers.  Ghana Edit this Entry
Love and Trust Serving the Lord in church-planting missions is all about Love and Trust. Brazil Edit this Entry
Carlos Orphaned as a baby, Carlos now helps bring people into the family of God. Ethiopia Edit this Entry
Lori Hope was compelled to pray for just one person she could lead to Christ.  South Africa Edit this Entry
Gonzalo A little kindness can change a life forever.  United States Edit this Entry
Sarah Surrendering to God brought new life to Sarah. Secular College Ministries Edit this Entry
Adela Although her life is hard, Adela sparkles with thankfulness and contentment. Mozambique Edit this Entry
Flora Bringing new life to the jungle Peru Edit this Entry
Yessica Yessica found not only a church but also a family. Argentina Edit this Entry
Nable Earthly things occupied Nable's heart. Zambia Edit this Entry
His strength made perfect Alzheimer's disease couldn't stop Dottie from being used by God. United States Edit this Entry
Alysson Humbled by the consequences of his sin, Alysson returned to Jesus, his Lord. Brazil Edit this Entry
Amy God turned Amy's suicide attempt into new life for her and her family. Edit this Entry
Anwar When his Muslim relatives got ready for their evening prayers, Anwar knew that he must follow Christ. Ethiopia Edit this Entry
Linda Linda joyfully paid a high price to serve the Lord. Chad Edit this Entry
Danny The humbling honor of leading a congregation of people saved by God’s grace.  Peru Edit this Entry
Hector Hector’s life could have turned out very differently. Mexico Edit this Entry
Cheriyan Cheriyan was an alcoholic but refused to admit he needed help. India Edit this Entry
Douglas Missionary teams work together to change lives for Christ. Peru Edit this Entry
Raimundo Drugs deadened Raimundo’s pain until he found Christ in prison. Spain Edit this Entry
Sergey After Sergey began attending church, he came alive for the Lord. Spain Edit this Entry
Simona Simona wondered if God wanted something more for her life than ritual. Slovakia Edit this Entry
A tale of two soils Eric's and Wang's hearts revealed two types of soils. Edit this Entry
Dean & Lupe Life seemed to be looking up for Dean and Lupe, but a storm was about to hit. New Zealand Edit this Entry
Mrs. Nez “How can I know these promises aren’t just for the white people?” Native American Ministries Edit this Entry
Mike Mike looked religious, but outside the church doors he lived for himself. Mormon Focus Ministries Edit this Entry
Isaac On the day he prayed, Isaac became a new citizen of heaven. Church Planting United States Edit this Entry
Hiroko and Tsuyoshi Hiroko’s cancer brought life to her and her family. Japan Edit this Entry
Selvakumar Hot-tempered and competitive, Selvakumar never thought of himself as a sinner. India Edit this Entry
Jobeda Through the fire of persecution, Jobeda learned that God does not forsake His children. Edit this Entry
Sunita When missionaries gave her a Bible, Sunita defiantly used the pages to clean the floor. India Edit this Entry