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Linda Linda joyfully paid a high price to serve the Lord. Chad Edit this Entry
Danny The humbling honor of leading a congregation of people saved by God’s grace.  Peru Edit this Entry
Hector Hector’s life could have turned out very differently. Mexico Edit this Entry
A unique reunion The fruit of 40 years of ministry Brazil Edit this Entry
Cheriyan Cheriyan was an alcoholic but refused to admit he needed help. India Edit this Entry
Douglas Missionary teams work together to change lives for Christ. Peru Edit this Entry
Raimundo Drugs deadened Raimundo’s pain until he found Christ in prison. Spain Edit this Entry
Sergey After Sergey began attending church, he came alive for the Lord. Spain Edit this Entry
Simona Simona wondered if God wanted something more for her life than ritual. Slovakia Edit this Entry
A tale of two soils Eric's and Wang's hearts revealed two types of soils. Edit this Entry
Kyle Before Tom and Linda Ruhkala met Kyle and Sara McCartan and their church, they knew of no other churches with which they could enjoy biblical fellowship. The Lord used the relationship to help the McCartans' church come to a more biblical understanding of doctrine as well. Finland Edit this Entry
Terry When Terry lost his job, he questioned God: “Why did you do this to me? I’m not that bad of a person.” United States Edit this Entry
Robson & Priscilla Only God could have arranged a Portuguese-speaking pastor for Brazilians in New Zealand. New Zealand Edit this Entry
Ernie & Liz In their thirties, Ernie and Liz wanted to start over. Australia Edit this Entry
Max & Maxson God's Word traveled many miles to reach Max and Maxson. Micronesia Edit this Entry
Dean & Lupe Life seemed to be looking up for Dean and Lupe, but a storm was about to hit. New Zealand Edit this Entry
Mrs. Nez “How can I know these promises aren’t just for the white people?” Native American Ministries Edit this Entry
Prisoner An anatomy of an Orthodox Jewish man’s salvation Jewish Ministries Edit this Entry
Eddie Eddie was in prison, slowly dying of liver disease. United States Edit this Entry
Mike and Jo Brown Mike and Jo present the Liberator to those in spiritual bondage behind prison walls. United States Edit this Entry
Mike Mike looked religious, but outside the church doors he lived for himself. Mormon Focus Ministries Edit this Entry
Isaac On the day he prayed, Isaac became a new citizen of heaven. Church Planting United States Edit this Entry
Cido When Cido got drunk, he made life miserable for those around him. Brazil Edit this Entry
Ursulina Ursulina never knew that salvation comes from Jesus' works and not her own. Dominican Republic Edit this Entry
Silvana Silvana justified her prostitution and affairs, but her conscience wouldn’t let go. Brazil Edit this Entry
Rosmond Rosmond had an impossible dream. St. Lucia Edit this Entry
Miguel and Clara Miguel and Clara’s faith didn’t come by accident. Venezuela Edit this Entry
Marinalva Marinalva was far from home, needing a friend as she cared for her dying sister. Brazil Edit this Entry
João João overflows with thanks for the missionary family that led him to Christ. Brazil Edit this Entry
Ivanilda Ivanilda was about to commit suicide, but then she heard the church's beautiful music. Brazil Edit this Entry
Lucho God delivered Lucho out of the fiery flames. Peru Edit this Entry
Celestino After reading the Bible, Celestino went from spiritual blindness to full sight! Brazil Edit this Entry
Ad A faithful witness leads a man from prison toward a new life. The Netherlands Edit this Entry
Jean-Pierre After a life of homelessness and alcoholism, Jean-Pierre is a brand new person. France Edit this Entry
Murray God sometimes uses unorthodox methodologies to bring people to Himself. United Kingdom Edit this Entry
Greg Greg went from Nigerian drug mule to gospel preacher Spain Edit this Entry
Iosef Joy was on every face of the Gypsy Christians. One of their own, Iosef, was now a pastor. Romania Edit this Entry
Ester Life didn’t seem worth living to Ester, until she learned Jesus died in her place. Italy Edit this Entry
Emanuel Through his friendship with an MK, Emanuel learned that eternal life was a gift. Austria Edit this Entry
Tiziano Tiziano believed that Jesus could save him out of a life wrecked by drugs. Italy Edit this Entry
Rosana A discarded, mud-stained tract brought Rosana to the Lord. Spain Edit this Entry
Manolo To Manolo, hedonism seemed a better option than empty religion. Spain Edit this Entry
Hiroko Hiroko’s cancer brought life to her and her family. Japan Edit this Entry
Pratima Following the Hindu gods was an unquestioned part of Pratima’s life. India Edit this Entry
Kim At first, Kim investigated Christianity because she hoped Jesus could heal her. Cambodia Edit this Entry
Ashok Ashok believed that worshiping idols was worshiping the true God. Edit this Entry
Selvakumar Hot-tempered and competitive, Selvakumar never thought of himself as a sinner. India Edit this Entry
Kazuko Stress and worry nearly overpowered Kazuko and her husband. Japan Edit this Entry
Jobeda Through the fire of persecution, Jobeda learned that God does not forsake His children. Bangladesh Edit this Entry
Sunita When missionaries gave her a Bible, Sunita defiantly used the pages to clean the floor. India Edit this Entry
Nina When Nina left home to go to university, she felt she needed spiritual guidance. Russia Edit this Entry
Hélio  Hélio found a Father who truly wanted him. Zambia Edit this Entry
Adelia Adelia is a jewel of sparkling brilliance. Mozambique Edit this Entry
Caroline Caroline kept returning to church because of the warm love she felt there. Côte d’Ivoire Edit this Entry