Support looks like you
Published: May 17, 2019

Adapted from Mike and Sharon Keller’s March/April 2019 prayer letter. The Kellers serve with Campus Bible Fellowship in Utah. 

A dictionary definition of the word support reads as “bearing all or part of the weight.” That might look like a pillar bracing a structure or resources being shared with a man who lost his job or someone carrying a child the rest of the way. Whether the need to support is temporary or permanent, the concept cries out, “I am here to help.”

For us, support looks like you. It looks like faithful prayer on our behalf. It looks like your note cards sent to our mailbox. It looks like financially bearing part of the burden for ministry in Utah. Support looks like a variety of gifts the Lord has blessed you with to reinforce our ministry and further His kingdom around the world. When we think of the word support, we definitely think of you.

We were delighted to spend a few weeks reporting to supporting churches in March, sharing some of the results of this weight-bearing. Seeing many of our supporters face-to-face brought joy to our hearts as we rekindled friendships and began new relationships with those who have invested in our lives. Listening to supporters tell how they pray for us daily touched us deeply. Receiving tangible gifts and notes of encouragement and seeing what God is doing in our supporters’ lives blessed us beyond words and shouted out loud and clear that you are here to help.

Upon our return, God provided several opportunities to share His name among the Mormon people. Two LDS young women came to Wednesday Bible study. They peppered us with questions that easily led to sharing the gospel in full. The next morning, a student asked Sharon to meet on campus. It is because of supporters such as you that we can arrange our schedule to meet university students on their time. 

Another student is seeking to leave Mormonism and wants to know how to study the Bible for herself. She has met with us at length on two occasions to explore what it means to be a Christian. Having the time and resources to go to the campus is largely possible because of your weightbearing. You may never get to meet a friend of ours, but your gift of being a pillar in this ministry allows us to further our relationship with a local businessman as he contemplates truth and error.

Bearing part of our burden allows us to help the other ministries in Utah as well: speaking, pulpit supply, prison Bible studies, and reaching out to the polygamist communities bound in darkness. Carrying part of the weight on our behalf allows us to strengthen Campus Bible Fellowship across the United States as Mike provides member care, vision-casting, and leadership as coordinator for this amazing campus ministry.

You are a huge blessing in our life and ministry, and we do not take your weight-bearing lightly. Thank you for sharing with us the gifts God has entrusted to you.