Spain-to-Spain missions
Published: August 21, 2017

Taken from Kent and Belén Albright’s August 12, 2017, prayer letter. The Albrights serve in Salamanca, Spain.

Last fall, Pedro Morales began to unassumingly attend our services. He later told me that he was a pastor in the Canary Islands, an archipelago about 60 miles off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara. The Canaries were the first stopover by Columbus and other explorers on their way to the Americas. Contrary to popular notions, the islands are not havens for “canaries” (birds), rather they were populated by large dogs (canines) in ancient Roman times.

Pastor Morales had been granted a sabbatical from his church on the island of Gran Canaria (in the town of Vecindario), in order to take classes, refresh himself spiritually and visit different ministries. Since he was Baptist and his daughter would be attending the University of Salamanca, he and his wife, Soraya, began attending our church. They quickly endeared themselves to us by their humble, servant spirits, in spite of leading one of the largest churches on the islands—over 300 attendees, a megachurch by Spanish standards! Pastor Pedro preached and taught often for us, and he and his wife blessed us with speaking and ministry skills.

A while later, he approached me about bringing his church’s annual missions team to Salamanca for an evangelistic campaign this summer. That incredible week of evangelism and ministry ended July 17, though we still rejoice in the precious times of fellowship with the 30 people that made the trip (from 18 to 70 years old!), for the morning Bible studies and prayer time, for the bonds of friendship and fellowship that we made, and for the nightly opportunities we shared as we preached, witnessed, and distributed over 10,000 tracts in various towns and villages of the area. One lady came to faith in a park through their efforts!

Spanish believers making a mission trip to another part of Spain!! What a marvelous idea, the vision of a Spanish pastor leading his people to have a vision for their own country and people! What a tremendous way to join the hearts of two congregations in oneness of spirit and purpose! What a way to put the Great Commission into practical perspective!

Thank you for giving wind to our wings, upholding us before the Throne as we serve in Spain,

Kent & Belén