Peru flood relief
Published: June 8, 2017

Update June 2017

Flooding in Peru has subsided after record rains fell on normally arid sections of this country earlier this year. In response to flood damage, generous churches and donors gave sacrificially to help Peruvian churches rebuild their property and help their own people recover from this difficult time. We share some of their thanks to those who gave:

We express to you our profound gratitude for your economic help for each one of the many families of our beloved church and our church itself as we have been affected by the weather patterns of El Niño along the coast of Peru. We have received this economic help through the pastors that reside here in Trujillo and belong to your Mission.

The money has been given to the affected families so that they might invest in fixing their homes, replacing necessary items that were lost, purchasing medicine, etc. Thank you as well for working with us to help repaint and do repairs in our church building.

Thank you, very much. Truthfully, we do not have enough words to thank you. Please receive our greetings and words of gratitude from each one of our families that received help from you. We close by wishing each of you the richest blessings of our heavenly Father.

—Pastor Nerlin Olivar Panaijo; Berea Baptist Church, Trujillo, Peru


I thank God for using you to be the means by which our Lord allowed this generous offering to come in His great mercy and faithfulness that never fail.

Please, thank the believers and churches that gave for this offering for the work of God and your servants. I assure that thanks to this offering we have been able to construct three quarters of our church building and the pastoral home. Thanks to God and to you we now have a secure place for the church and the family. You are welcome to come and see the work that God has done.

We pray that God will continue to bless your lives, your homes, and your ministry. We love in Christ our Lord. Philippians 4:15-20.

—Cesar Augusto Quiroz Montalvan, missionary to the deaf and hearing of Ferreñafe, Peru


From all of us at Baptist Mid-Missions, we echo these pastors’ words of thanks. Your partnership is making an eternal difference in the lives of people around the world as we work together to build Christ’s church with His passion and for His glory.