Peru flood relief
Published: March 20, 2017
Peru Flood Update April 5, 2017

Update—April 12, 2017

Written by Caleb Stein, who serves in Trujillo, Peru

Thank you for the generous donations you have sent our way to help with the immediate and long-term needs stemming from the unexpected rains and flooding over these past weeks. We are thankful that God has spared us from even worse damage. Many things are still out of sorts, but life is slowly returning to normal in some places. In other places, the lack of water, food, shelter, and safety is still causing many problems. We pray that God will continue to give us grace to minister faithfully as He allows us to do so.

We have begun the slow dispersion of the funds entrusted to us. In dealing with the immediate needs, we have provided food, water, and shelter for those who needed it. Many others have sought refuge with their families or have received help from others (either in their churches or in other places). The long-term needs will take some time to assess and to remedy. There are many needs in Trujillo, especially for believers whose homes or possessions were damaged. We have provided for them to fix their homes, and we are working on helping with the possessions. In the north, much of the area is still under water and in crisis. Until the region is dry and secure, we cannot enter to help with rebuilding churches or homes that have been heavily damaged or lost. We want to help now, but it is unwise to do so until the rains have stopped and the area is more secure. 

Thank you for your giving and your prayers. Pray that God gives grace and strength to continue on in spite of these present challenges. May He be glorified in what we do and say. 

Your valuable partnership

We value your prayers that the Lord will enable our missionaries to help the hurting people of Peru and to see the gospel extended into their lives. Our missionaries’ desire is to exalt Christ and make Him known through their efforts. Please prayerfully consider a gift to Baptist Mid-Missions’ World Relief—Peru fund through any of these options:

Online—In the Projects pulldown menu, choose "World Relief," then "World Relief—Peru."

By phone—440-826-3930

By check—payable to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief—Peru” on the memo line. Mail to Baptist Mid-Missions, PO Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130-8011.