Peru Bible college’s Online Ministry Week Reaches 50,000 People
Published: October 14, 2020

When BMM’s Bible college in Trujillo, Peru, changed up their traditional ministry week this year, they saw ministry expand beyond their city and reach into 12 countries.

Every September, the seminary sets aside a week for student teams to minister in 25 to 30 churches. None of that was possible because Peru is still in a severe lockdown. Instead, the college switched to online ministry the week of September 21–27, 2020. Students ministered virtually, and professors taught several classes and held special women’s lessons and evening services. 

Ministry on three continents

BMM Emeritus missionary Stephen Stilwell preached on marital problems, and by the second night of his series more than 9,000 watched online. Viewers tuned in from all areas of Peru plus Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, the United States, Spain and Italy. The college estimates 50,000 people heard the Word of God during the ministry week—and to God be the glory. 

Family member saved in online meeting

Throughout Peru, students and others are using Zoom to keep in touch with family and to hold Bible studies. The first convert in Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell’s church plant in Lima, Peru, was a girl who won her younger sister to the Lord. Life was difficult for them as they faced ridicule from their parents and six older siblings. They began to pray for their family, and they won their mother to the Lord. Both girls attended the Trujillo Bible college, married pastors, and are now serving the Lord in Trujillo. Last month, during their online family meeting, one of their older brothers received Christ as his Savior—after 36 years of his sisters’ praying for him.