Misery in Venezuela
Published: May 30, 2019
Through our personnel in Venezuela, Baptist Mid-Missions is bringing relief during this country’s desperate economic shortages. Consider how you might be involved as you read this World Relief update. 

Venezuelans continue to groan under the burden of their country’s economic shortages. Our missionaries report that a gas shortage has crippled transportation, which slows the movement of food, medicine, and other supplies. People wait anywhere from 12 hours to two days to obtain gasoline. The shortage has forced many people to walk to work. Additionally, electrical outages and water shortages mean schools and universities are under partial closures, and medical centers have collapsed. Hunger pervades the country.

Food for those in need

Through generous gifts to World Relief in May, our missionaries distributed 118 bags of food to church families and to 20 neighborhood families. Such food alleviates the daily hunger and weight loss Venezuelans have endured during their country’s economic crisis. A 2017 study revealed Venezuelans lost an average of 24 pounds that year1. The missionaries also share food at outreach events such as Mother’s Day (150 people) and during AWANA (90 children and 30 workers). The meals and snacks open opportunities for gospel presentations as people see the grace of God in a tangible way.

World Relief gifts have enabled the missionaries to provide breakfast for their church people for an additional four weeks. Bread-making equipment has been purchased to make snacks for AWANA kids, and the missionaries envision that this equipment could provide jobs for people in need. 

World Relief

Your gifts to World Relief are providing literal daily bread for suffering Venezuelans, while opening hearts to the gospel. Would you join with us in helping Venezuelans receive not only physical food but also life-giving spiritual food? 

Give online at our secure giving page. Choose “World Relief” then “World Relief Worldwide” as the project.  

Give by phone at 440-826-3930. 

Give by check to PO Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130-8011. Designate your gift to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief Venezuela” on the memo line. 


Learn more about the crisis in this BBC News article: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-46999668