Misery in Venezuela
Published: February 26, 2019
Baptist Mid-Missions has opened a project to bring relief to Venezuela during desperate shortages of food, medicines, and everyday supplies. Consider how you might be involved as you read the February 2019 prayer letter of our BMM personnel in Venezuela. 

The miseries of life in Venezuela have affected all aspects of life. Even though food, medicine, everyday necessities like soap and toilet paper are rarely available, we have not closed the door to our time here in this desperate country. 

A knock at the door from a mother with a very sick child or a church member with a debilitating infection (just last week) is common. They are urgently seeking any help we can give them. Without Tylenol for fevers or antibiotics for infections, there is no surviving. It is heart-wrenching and breaks our heart. 

Chaos prevails

Since the proclamation of the new president earlier this month, chaos prevails. Our building is surrounded with the homeless who can no longer pay their rent, buy food, or anything else. Coming and going from our apartment, we are met with pleas from area children begging us for food. Even as we write this letter, there are multiple murders occurring all over our city. It is very dangerous and breaks our heart. 

Even though there is little safety around us, we are still doing our best to have church. While there has been a mass exodus from the country by people who could leave (including several families from our church), we are maintaining attendance. These new folks are the fruit of neighborhood Bible studies and our fall Awana program. We are now discipling 15 who are planning to soon be baptized. 

Impossible to find bread

Because our two vehicles keep breaking down and it has been impossible to even find bread to feed the children, we have not been able to resume Awana since Christmas. Lord willing, we are praying we can restart using the last $100 in our budget to do so. 

Again, if at all possible, we hope to restart Bible Baptist Institute of Venezuela. We must take it a day at a time. Our plan is to offer two classes (ecclesiology and evangelism) to the 12 students who have been able to register so far. 

Belts to hold up pants

The construction project stopped in November when we ran out of funds. Thankfully, an offering is coming to help us restart, hopefully in February. This is a blessing too because it provides jobs and wages for workers to buy what food they can find. Every little bit helps! We have given belts to many of the men in our church who have lost so much weight they can no longer hold up their pants. We desperately need food and medicine. 

World Relief

Your gift will enable our missionaries to provide physical relief while sharing the gospel with needy people in Venezuela. 

Give online at our secure giving page. Choose “World Relief” then “World Relief Worldwide” as the project.  

Give by phone at 440-826-3930. 

Give by check to PO Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130-8011. Designate your gift to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief Venezuela” on the memo line. 

Photo: VENEZUELA-DEMO-VIOLENCE, taken February 12, 2014 by AFP PHOTO / LEO RAMIREZ, © 2014 AFP ImageForum. Used under Flickr’s Creative Commons 2.0 license. https://www.flickr.com/photos/diariocriticove/12503957673