Enduring Impact
Published: May 17, 2018

Think of a stone thrown from a slingshot. Where the stone lands depends on where it’s aimed. Campus Bible Fellowship International changes lives because it points students toward Christ and His purposes for their lives. CBFI alumni have gone on to glorify God through serving in Christian ministry, raising godly families, and bringing Christ to their secular workplaces and communities. Read the stories of CBFI alumni Ken and Marty Taylor, Bill and Deb Edmondson, Steve and Charlene Giegerich, and Nancy Freund, all of whom now serve with BMM. 

Ken and Marty Taylor

In the early 1970s, University of Northern Iowa (UNI) student Ken Taylor was searching for the purpose of life. A friend encouraged him to talk with Hal Miller (CBFI’s founder), who led him to the answer: salvation through Jesus Christ. In Hal’s early years at UNI, salvation decisions happened on a weekly basis at CBFI meetings. Ken’s future wife, Marty, was one of those saved. After she invited Hal’s wife, Patty, to hold Bible studies in her dorm room, Marty thought, “I could do this someday.” 

The consistent, biblical teaching the Taylors received through CBFI answered their questions about life and planted a desire to learn more about Scripture. The friendships they made likewise had a strong impact. Today the Taylors serve with CBFI at Florida International University, where they shape the lives of the next generation of students, just as theirs lives have been. 

Bill and Deb Edmondson

Two others reached at UNI were Bill and Deb Edmondson. Bill wrestled for UNI and moved into the campus wrestling house. Little did he know that Hal Miller had a thriving ministry to UNI wrestlers. God had long been pursuing Bill, so when Bill’s roommate invited him to prayer meeting at his church, it was no coincidence that Bill’s seat was next to Hal’s. Hal confronted Bill with the gospel, and Bill was later saved. Bill’s wife, Deb, also came to Christ through CBFI. 

The fellowship the Edmondsons experienced—a gracious, accountable, forgiving, and supportive sense of community—made a deep impact on both of them. They brought that atmosphere of rich fellowship into their ministries as CBFI missionaries in South Bend, Indiana, and into their current ministry as church planters reaching Boston’s international population. Just as CBFI reaches the entire world from one place, the Edmondsons are using the hub of Boston to train disciples who will reach others around the world. 

Steve and Charlene Giegerich

As a student at the University of Iowa in 1974, Steve had considered becoming a priest. That desire changed after he was saved through his sister’s witness. Shortly after Steve’s decision, a friend from the University of Northern Iowa introduced Steve to Hal Miller. Hal was leading a summer Bible study for UNI students in Steve’s hometown of Monticello, Iowa (this group became a catalyst for a church plant). Hal was already traveling weekly to the University of Iowa to reach students, and he arranged to hold Bible studies with Steve. 

Steve’s future wife, Charlene, prayed to receive Christ through CBFI missionary Elva Craig. Charlene later realized her decision hadn’t been genuine, and she truly received Christ several years afterward. The impact CBFI made on her life shaped her nonetheless. CBFI encouraged her and Steve to become part of a Bible-teaching local church, Faith Baptist Church, where they thrived spiritually. It was the first time Steve had been in a church that opened the Bible and taught verse-by-verse. 

God called the Giegeriches to be CBFI missionaries in South Bend, Indiana, where they serve students at Indiana University–South Bend and the University of Notre Dame. The Giegeriches’ campus house has become a ministry center where they weave Scriptural truths into students’ lives. Their CBFI alumni take the gospel back to their home countries, passing on God’s gift to many others. 

Nancy Freund

In 1985, Nancy entered her freshman year at Iowa State University (ISU) as a brand-new Christian, having been saved through the witness of a high school friend. Her friend also attended ISU and connected her to Campus Baptist Church (now CrossRoad Baptist Church), where Hal Miller had organized a church-led CBFI group years earlier. The Friday night CBFI Bible studies and other activities gave Nancy a nurturing family environment that helped her grow as a new Christian coming from a completely nonChristian background. 

Her CBFI group functioned as an extension of her church. It reinforced everything taught at church and showed Nancy how to practically live out the Christian life. The church placed a strong emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, and missions—factors that equipped and burdened her for missions. In 1990, God called her to the BMM home office, where she shares God’s work around the world through her role as editor and graphic designer. 


Coming this summer: Watch for a video about CBFI founders Hal and Patty Miller, who will receive BMM’s William C. Haas Lifetime Service award, our highest honor.