Cyclone Idai Relief
Published: March 26, 2019
Updated May 15, 2019

In March, Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique with a ferocity that killed 598 people and left an estimated 1.85 million people in need. Although our BMM missionaries in the capital of Maputo were not affected significantly, two partner missionaries in central Mozambique saw extreme damage to their home and children’s center. The missionaries, Mouzinho and Haildelene Muchaia, are Brazilians trained at BMM’s Cariri Baptist Seminary in Crato, Brazil, and sent out by a Brazilian mission agency. 

Lifting up colleagues in need

A close friend of the Brazilian missionaries, Ruth Burton (serving with BMM in Fortaleza), communicated the situation to a Brazilian pastor who in turn spread the word among Brazilian churches about the damage: The storm ripped the roof off the missionaries’ home and left their children’s center with just a few walls standing. The need for water was critical. In the days after the storm, no electricity was available to power their well’s pump. The Muchaias were forced to drink dirty water from a hole or scoop up standing water from their floor. The missionaries continued to feed the 300+ children at the children’s center but with only one meal a day from food in storage. 

Mobilized to help

The Brazilian churches mobilized immediately. Within four days, $20,000 was sent through BMM’s World Relief Fund to help the Muchaias and the children. So far, a total of $40,000 has been sent from Brazilian and US gifts. Ruth wrote, “Never have I seen the greatness of God portrayed in such an awesome and unique way. God moved in the hearts of many people throughout the entire country of Brazil.” The Muchaias were enabled to purchase ample food for the children and two generators to provide water for their ministry and for their community. Some rooftops have already been replaced.  In addition to rebuilding the children’s center, the Muchaias are seeking a rental home while they repair theirs, which was overtaken by mold and rats in the aftermath of flooding. 

Encouragement in the battle

The Muchaias have shown a sacrificial heart for the gospel as they reach out in the midst of their own suffering to help others in need. Ruth and many Brazilian church members had previously planned a mission trip to Mozambique in August. The trip will continue but with an added focus on moral support and encouragement to their missionary friends, as exhaustion and disappointment have taken a toll. 

Through World Relief gifts, you can provide encouragement for the battle as missionaries around the world are equipped to rebuild lives. Because World Relief gifts are paired with Christ’s message of salvation, these gifts also help rebuild souls as people’s hearts are opened to the gospel. Consider giving to World Relief to help the Muchaias and other missionaries be ready for the next disaster.

Give online at our secure giving page. Choose “World Relief” then “World Relief Worldwide” as the project.  

Give through credit card by phone at 440-826-3930. 

Give by check to PO Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130-8011. Designate your gift to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief” on the memo line. 

Thank you for your partnership in following Jesus’ example of providing help and healing in ways that open hearts to the Savior.