Bridges to Kids’ Hearts
Published: February 7, 2017

Taken from John Wilburn’s February 1, 2017 prayer letter. John serves in the city of Barrouallie on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

A prayer for bridges

One of my major goals in the 2017 year is to begin discipling children in Barrouallie by leading them to the Lord, getting them into Tabernacle Baptist Church, and beginning one-on-one Scripture teaching. The first step with this is to build a relational “bridge” into the lives of saved and unsaved youth. While Bible Club is an excellent teaching ministry, it doesn't build bridges very well since it passes very quickly, and emphasis is on learning instead of relational connection. Last year I began praying the Lord would give me a ministry, and the daily computer lab is an answer to that prayer.

A bridge through tutoring
This ministry, run by myself and veteran missionary Pastor Alan Berry, involves teaching typing and giving homework help between 4:30 and 7:00 Monday through Friday at a local community center. Only a few kids came when we began it before Christmas, but last Friday ten kids were already waiting for a computer at 4:20, and by 4:30 there were 12! The eight children in the photo come regularly to computer tutoring. I've already begun building a bridge into their lives, and pray this continues for God's glory.

Filling their emotional cups
One of the greatest blessings of these bridges is that they allow me to give these children the love they crave as well as to share the gospel. On Friday, a boy and a girl each received a fist bump as reward after completing a typing exercise. Soon they were racing each other to see who could get a fist bump first! Please pray that as I begin filling the emotional cups of these children I can point them to the one who will truly give them life: Jesus Christ.