2019 School of Church Planting
Published: February 22, 2019

Baptist Mid-Missions will hold its 34th annual School of Church Plantingon June 11–13, 2019, at Colonial Baptist Church in Blue Ridge, Virginia.  

This year’s School of Church Planting will focus on growing healthy churches and revitalizing struggling ones.  This track is geared specifically for pastors, missionaries, and church planters who are already involved in a church plant or local church ministry. 

Taught by veteran church planters and experienced pastors, this School of Church Planting course is part of Baptist Mid-Mission’s ongoing endeavor to equip a new generation of skilled church planters and pastors to face the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. We seek to hone the ministry skills of pastors, church planters, and church leaders by equipping them to strengthen and stabilize their people and sharpen the church’s Great Commission focus. Graduate and undergraduate credit may be available.

Over the past 34 years, more than 600 missionaries, church planters, pastors, and college students have attended BMM’s School of Church Planting, including more than 200 BMM missionaries from 37 countries. Those who attended the 2018 School of Church Planting concluded: 

“If only I had had this seminar 20 years ago!”  

 “This seminar covers things never addressed in college, seminary, or Candidate School.  What we learned this week is extremely practical, biblical, and has been field tested.  

 “Where were these guys all my life?  This is the best kept secret.” 

If you have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the School of Church Planting, we invite you to join us this year in Roanoke, Virginia, for four days that will enrich your ministry and help you become a more proficient and productive church planter or pastor.

Visit our website at http://bmmschoolofchurchplanting.org for more information and to download a copy of the School of Church Planting brochure and registration form. For questions, contact the registrar, Scott Williquette, at Trainingshepherds@gmail.com or 815-721-3224.