Archived Articles
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2018 School of Church Planting held in Virginia The best-kept secret in conservative church planting and revitalization!  Church Planting
Enduring Impact For more than 50 years, Campus Bible Fellowship International has been changing lives of students and the people they impact as followers of Christ.  Secular College Ministries
Saying goodbye is never easy The treasure of parents and grandparents who encourage missionaries to pursue their call. 
Total Chaos—tragedy in Central African Republic The people of Central African Republic have endured unspeakable suffering in the last several years. Come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ to bring relief during their difficult time. Central African Republic
Helping Houston Our missionaries in the Houston, Texas, area are actively helping people in need and sharing Christ, through help from Baptist Mid-Missions' World Relief funds.
Spain-to-Spain missions When a pastor in the Canary Islands took a sabbatical in Spain, a Great-Commission partnership developed between his church and Kent and Belén Albrights' mission church. Spain
Annual Conference 2017 Baptist Mid-Missions' 2017 Annual Conference, themed "When life takes unexpected turns," provided rest and spiritual enrichment for more than 350 members of the BMM Family.
Common Ground An unusual cultural exchange united pastors from BMM-planted churches in Germany and the Dominican Republic. GermanyDominican Republic
Bridges to Kids’ Hearts John Wilburn received a creative answer to his prayer to build bridges into the hearts of youth in St. Vincent. St. Vincent
The trip that didn’t seem possible With just four weeks to plan, Brazil missionaries Bill and Dorothy Kettlewell prepared for a teaching ministry in Mozambique that became a platform for God’s remarkable grace. BrazilMozambique
An OASiS for Brazilian missionaries An idea to use vacant land to house furloughing missionaries has turned into an "OASiS" in northeast Brazil. Brazil
Business as missions Many people ask, “Do I really need to major in Bible or missions to be a missionary?” You may be surprised that other lines of study can also be a gateway to missions.
IRA Charitable Rollover Permanently Extended For those over age 70½, it is once again possible to make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts.
Handle With Care—How to safely communicate with missionaries in cultures hostile to the gospel Missionaries in Creative Access Nations welcome your letters but depend on you to exercise great wisdom in how you communicate with them.