Rosie G.

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God gave me a burden for Bible translation ministry when I was 16. As I read the story of my relatives who had translated the New Testament into a minority language in Columbia, I wondered if God could use me to translate his Word, too. In college, I was blessed to visit 4 Bible translation projects in South Asia on an internship with Bibles International. On that trip I knew I definitely wanted to be a part of this ministry! During seminary, I met my husband Josue at church. I joined BMM in 2022 and we were married in 2023. While I work with Bibles International, Josue is going to medical school to become a physician. Due to the sensitive location of the people group I work with, my translation consulting work is based in the US and I go on trips a few times a year to work with the team in person. Josue and I are excited to work in Bible translation and Gospel outreach through medicine together.

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