Tim and Barb Whatley

Whatley TB 2023

Since I, Tim, was born to missionary parents and raised in Peru, South America, and Barbara was led to Peru as a missionary intern on the Arriba program, we met on our mission field. We have been married since 1985, and we praise God that He has given us seven children and a ministry in the mountains and jungles of Peru since 1988. It is thrilling to serve alongside our Bible school graduates, preach from our rooftop, reach out through our local radio stations, and see God’s Word produce fruit in those who come to Christ. Church planting demands many skills, and we would encourage anyone called by God to find a place with our little team, or another to which God directs. We are convinced that God’s callings ARE His enablings, so just be obedient; you will never regret it.

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