Caleb and Rebekah W.

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A common thread runs through Caleb and Rebecca's lives: love for God's Word. Both of their parents encouraged them to read, study, and memorize God's Word. When Caleb was in college, his biblical interpretation classes made the Bible come alive. Although Rebekah dreamed of being a missionary in her childhood, Caleb never seriously considered missions until a college trip to Asia. He saw not only the world's spiritual needs, but also he saw how some people groups have very limited access to the Bible.

After Caleb graduated from seminary, he and Rebekah visited a Bibles International (BI) ministry in southeast Asia. They saw how they could fill a need with BI's newest ministry department, Scripture Use. As Scripture Use missionaries, Caleb and Rebekah will identify cultural and social factors that could hinder people from accepting a Bible translation's wording. They'll also develop resources such as study Bibles, Bible dictionaries, and audio Bibles. By easing the load of BI translators, they'll get the Bible into people's hands and hearts even faster.

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