Rich and Karyn Visser

Visser Rich Kary Ben

Karyn and I both grew up in Christian homes and attended churches that gave us many contacts with missionaries who shared their works and needs. God led us through several years of training during which time we met more and more missionaries from Europe, particularly France, an area of the world we’d never considered as a mission field. God really opened our eyes as we discovered a country with a rich Christian heritage, long ago abandoned. Most Frenchmen know nothing about the Bible or anything about God’s wonderful plan of salvation. It’s been our challenge since 1979 to work in evangelism, planting churches and training a new generation of Christian workers among French believers. In 2019, we retired in our adoptive country and find a lot of joy in encouraging our former Bible institute students, local churches, and new missionaries from the States as they launch their careers. The needs are as great as ever, and we’re waiting for you to come see first-hand what God is doing and how you might fit into our French team of missionaries.

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