Joel and Joan Troester

Troester Joel and Joanie

Joanie and I were raised in denominational churches. In college, God used the Navigator ministry to reach our hearts for Christ and teach us how to disciple others. During seminary years, we learned more about effectively explaining the gospel with the Evangelism Explosion training. These tools were put into practice during ten years as missionaries in Brazil.

For the spiritual growth of our family, God gave us a daughter with anorexia. We moved to Lafayette, IN, to receive biblical counseling.

God then directed us to the forgotten, Portuguese-speaking country of Mozambique. Along with Brazilian colleagues, we have planted 3 churches and have recently purchased land forty-five minutes away for our next church near the home of one of our young couples.

African culture, traditioned by superstition and witchcraft, is gradually being challenged with God’s truth of redemption, and, thankfully, many seek to know and follow the truth.

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