Duane and Hannah Scott

Scott 2024

Both of us were blessed to be born into Christian families. Duane came to assurance of his salvation during his later high school years, while Hannah trusted Christ as her Savior at a young age. God called us individually into missionary service before we met at our church in Minneapolis (Family Baptist) while Duane was in seminary.

When we were married, we planned to serve God in missions but had no idea that God would lead us to Bangkok, Thailand. It was through hearing the needs of Southeast Asia while at Baptist Mid-Missions' candidate training that God moved in our hearts to follow his leading to Thailand. While Thailand enjoys tolerance and even respect for all religions, the Thai population remains vastly unevangelized, with less than one percent professing Christ.

Since 2009 we, along with our five children, have been serving with our BMM co-workers, Nathan and Maam Beckman, on the western side of Bangkok planting Pinklao Baptist Church. Slowly, but steadily, the church has grown, and we rejoice at all that God has done.

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