Tim and Vicki Reiner

Reiner Tim Vicki

Both of us came to understand the gospel of Christ as teenagers. I (Tim) was raised in Brazil, the son of missionaries. Vicki grew up in Colorado. We met at Faith Baptist Bible College, where we were preparing for career missionary ministries. Our first term of service on the field began in the fall of 1978.

In our early years, the greatest challenge we faced was apathy towards the gospel, especially from those influenced by Catholicism and Liberation Theology. These were skeptical of our presence; presently though, we are constantly confronted with the need to define terminology among those who claim they are evangelicals. Nonetheless, our area Baptist churches continue to grow in number and witness.

Some of the ministries in which I have served over the years have been: planting and nurturing churches, mainly in the São Francisco River Valley in Northeast Brazil; camp; discipleship of married couples; retreats; construction of church buildings and parsonages; and now the construction and operation of Recanto do Tesouro Retreat Center. Vicki's primary ministries have been correspondence with supporters, the education of our children, counseling, and coaching.

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