John and Debbie Poe

Poe 15

We have served with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1997. Our first 15 years were spent in church-planting in Lima, Peru, where we were able to help start two churches, teach at a Christian school and disciple many. During that time, God gave us a passion for the millions of lost souls in the world’s 15th largest city. We had plans to dedicate our entire lives in Peru. Then, in 2014, God used a health crisis in Debbie’s life to bring us back to the United States. Since then we have served with EBI, the Spanish publications ministry of BMM. The transition to a US based ministry was challenging at first, but God has shown us that our impact is greater now than ever. By providing training and materials to the Spanish-speaking world, we are helping countless churches effectively reach their own communities with the gospel. The church in Latin America is growing faster than ever! We feel that we are strategically poised to help move missions to the next phase in the Hispanic world.

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