Michael and Sharon Keller

Keller Mike Sharon 2019

Ministering with secular university students through Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF) has afforded us an open door to the world. Since 1999, we have met with students from around the globe for evangelism and discipleship Bible studies, and in 2019 Mike became the coordinator for CBF. Our passion is to equip university students to glorify God wherever they make their mark in society here in the US and around the world.

We are currently serving in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States (Vineyard, Utah), where more than 93% of the residents follow the Mormon religion. God has given us special ministries at the state prison and among polygamist families, but our primary focus is at Utah Valley University, where approximately 90% of the student body claim the Mormon faith. Though the statistics vary a little from year to year, our desire remains the same: to earn a hearing among a distrustful and fearful people group, lead them to Jesus, and disciple them for God’s glory.

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