Steve and Charlene Giegerich

Giegerich Steve Charlene

We met at a Campus Bible Fellowship meeting at the University of Iowa when Steve was pursuing a degree in piano performance and Charlene was a freshman in elementary education. We grew up believing that you couldn’t be sure of where you would spend eternity until you died and everything was weighed in the balance. It wasn’t until our college years that someone showed us from the Bible the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and that we could know for sure we have eternal life by repenting and believing the gospel. Getting saved during our college years helped us to see how absolutely strategic it is to reach college young people, the future leaders of our world, with the gospel. Both of us are total introverts by nature. Because of that, we know that the work that has been accomplished at Notre Dame and IUSB, where we have ministered to college students and Chinese visiting scholars since 1990, has been God’s work and not ours.

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