Trevor and Amelia Galbraith

Galbraith Trevor Amelia 2019

I (Trevor) grew up as a missionary kid in Great Britain, and my wife, Amelia is from western Iowa. We met at Faith Baptist Bible College, where God trained us for the work He would call us to do. In 2014, we moved to Britain and served in the ministry Trevor’s parents are doing in England. During that time, God burdened our hearts for the British people. We both got to be very involved in reaching people with the gospel and seeing God give them hope and life. Now, we are raising support with Baptist Mid-Missions to get back to Britain and continue serving our Lord there. While hundreds of churches there are striving side-by-side for the sake of the gospel, hundreds more are closing their doors. Tens of millions of British people are searching for hope but will never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ unless someone takes it to them.

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