Nathan and Rebecca Fray

Fray NR 23

Nathan and Rebecca, along with their daughter Priscila*, are serving in São Paulo, Brazil. The greater São Paulo area has a population of 24 million and is the largest city in South America. Their main focus is church planting. Nathan established and nationalized three churches on the south side of São Paulo since arriving in 1995 and is currently working on a fourth.

A second area of ministry focus is camping. In 2008, Nathan purchased and began to develop a 12-acre site, still within the city limits of Sao Paulo. They have an annual camp season, as well as various camps throughout the year. An important facet of camp Betel is its unique outreach to the disabled. They promote four camps and retreats each year specifically to reach and minister to the disabled. Nathan later turned over the camp administration to Brazilian nationals.

Besides church planting and camping, they are involved in seminary teaching, national church-planting support, sports ministry, and hosting missions teams.

* Priscila is the daughter of Nathan and his first wife, Diane. Nathan and Rebecca married in 2023.

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