Evandro and Erica Da Silva

De Silva Evandro Erica

As we look back on our lives, we see how God has guided us to serve Him and has used our backgrounds to prepare us for ministry. Both of us were raised in small, interior towns in the Amazon, both were saved as children, and both were called to start churches where few are willing to go. Erica’s family, the McLains, have been with Baptist Mid-Missions since the 1930s. God brought us together when Erica returned to Brazil as a single missionary, and I was a single Brazilian pastor. We both felt God leading us to start churches in the inland of the Amazon. God has given us two children, Lana and Nathaniel, who are a big help in our ministry. Despite our town being in the “jungles” of Brazil, it has a large population of Japanese immigrants. Besides church planting, we are also involved in the Belém Seminary.

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