Michael and Julie Carlyle

Carlyles Michael Julie 2019

It was never our plan to be full-time missionaries, though we desired to serve the Lord faithfully wherever He placed us. The Lord redirected our lives through one simple question while Michael was on a short-term missions trip: “Have you ever considered serving the Lord in full-time missions?” After Michael had earned a master of divinity degree and quit his secular job, our family left for Cambodia in the fall of 2009. Our ministry is focused on reaching those in the unreached rural provinces of Cambodia and includes evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, and producing tracts and other Christian materials in the Khmer language. For Cambodians, following Christ comes at the cost of harsh persecution from Buddhist family members and fellow countrymen. They need to know that there is freedom in serving the one true Creator and that God alone is worthy of their worship.

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