Deborah Cottle

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Our family lived in a creative access nation for 20 years. The people’s desire to learn English opened doors into the lives of people: children, university students, young professionals, scientists, professors. As we learned more about English and the Bible in English, we gained a great passion for the work of Bible translation; it is foundational to mission work.

When we had to leave the country where we had lived, we wondered where God would continue to use us. Our search led us to the Advancement Department of Bibles International. We learned more about the work in literacy, linguistics, and Bible translation of Bibles International/Baptist Mid-Missions.

Shortly after transfer to Bibles International, my husband passed away unexpectedly. But God had called us both to BI, so I continue on there. My work in the Advancement Department concentrates on communicating the need for spiritual (prayer), personnel (recruitment), and financial (fundraising) resources.

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