Josh and Erica Burrill

Burrill Family 2023 web

After graduating from Bible college, we were soon married and began serving in our home area of Atlantic Canada in assistant pastoral ministry. During those six years, we had the opportunity to fill in for Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries in New Zealand for six months. We both had a desire to serve God wherever He led us, and in 2010, we joined BMM and became part of a church-planting team in a Creative Access Nation. We thank God for His continued work in this church plant and for its national pastor and family as they faithfully serve Christ. Though we still regularly assist that work from the outside, our family is now focused on the ministry needs in Malta, a strongly Roman Catholic country with a high percentage of foreigners from every corner of the world. Since 2017, we have been working to further establish Bible Baptist Church, Malta, planted by fellow BMM missionaries, and to help begin a new church plant on the sister island of Gozo. The needs in Malta are great, and the opportunities to impact people from all over the world with God’s truth bring a unique blessing to each week.

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