Daniel and Heather Boyd

Boyds Daniel and Heather

We were both born in Iowa. Heather grew up in a first-generation Christian home in Dubuque, and Daniel grew up as a third-culture kid in the Netherlands. Daniel's grandfather opened the field for Baptist Mid-Missions in 1954, and his parents returned to join the work in 1983.

Our parents were diligent to teach us the gospel, and we called upon the name of the Lord at a young age. As teens we each experienced a significant moment of surrender, and God gave us the same life verse: Psalm 73:28. He has used this psalm many times to comfort and direct our lives, and its message has become the rallying cry for our ministry together: to declare all God's works.

We met in the kitchen of Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, and were married in 2002. In 2011 we moved to Holland with our three boys and have been Church planting in Bergen op Zoom and working with Dutch teens and young adults since 2013. Through it all we still simply desire to declare all God’s works to the Dutch people.

Visit us online at www.boydsineurope.com/danielandheather.

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