David and Crissie Boyd

Boyd David and Crissie

We are both Missionary Kids. David grew up in the Netherlands; Crissie in France. We were both saved at an early age and led to the Lord by our parents. We met at Faith Baptist Bible College in 1976 and were married in 1979. After two more years of college for David, we applied to Baptist Mid-Missions and arrived on the field in 1983. We have been in a church planting ministry since 1985. The Dutch are very well educated, very secular, and quite apathetic towards the gospel. David’s father (now with the Lord) used to say: “The darkness is nowhere so great as where the light once shone.”

We have three sons: The youngest lives in the US, and the other two are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions in Germany and the Netherlands. We have 14 grandchildren.

In May 2019 we finished 34 years of ministry in our town and determined that for the years remaining until retirement, we will serve area churches with a teaching and preaching ministry, and we will devote time to translating books and/or writing. Both of these ministries are very much needed. We will continue to work on our summer camp ministry, administration, and leading children’s camp.

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