Harrison and Michelle Banda

Bandas 2019

In 2002, Michelle joined BMM and later worked with missionaries in Choma, Zambia. During his teens, Harrison worked alongside missionaries and eventually became pastor of Salvation Baptist Church in Choma. In 2008, we were married, and Harrison later joined BMM the same year. We currently serve the Lord in Chipata, Zambia, where we have been for 10 years.

We have been able to establish two churches: one in the town of Chipata and one in the village of Makungwa. To help train national pastors throughout the surrounding areas, we host pastoral conferences. Harrison uses his soccer background and experience to bridge gaps and share the gospel with people in the community and with students who are enrolled at the colleges in Chipata. While working with the churches, Harrison coaches a soccer team that is registered with the Football Association of Zambia. Michelle uses her educational background to offer tutoring in math and English to assist children within the churches and as an outreach ministry into the community.

With approximately 1.2 million Zambians living with HIV, and the number increasing, our desire and goal is to reach the younger generation with the gospel and equip nationals with the necessary tools to effectively reach others in their communities.

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