Mary Amesbury

Amesbury Mary 19

When I started my undergraduate degree in mass media in college, I was bent on doing life on my own terms. But God was pursuing me. He brought Christians to witness to me in the residence halls, in classrooms, and in summer camp jobs. A few years out of college, I finally surrendered to the Lord Jesus in a big way. Within a year and a half, I had enrolled in seminary to equip myself to serve Him full-time.

Directly out of seminary, I joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 1992 to engage in church planting in the former Soviet Republics. I was part of a team of missionaries in the Far East of Russia and Siberia. God redirected me to the States in 2000 to minister with Campus Bible Fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio.

I believe there is no more strategic mission field than the college campus. Students are open to new ideas. They are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Because they hate hypocrisy, they push me to be an authentic, gospel-centered follower of Jesus in everything I do. God will continue to build His church through a new generation. It’s my privilege to encourage and train them.

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