Kent and Belén Albright

Albright 24

I (Kent) answered the call to missions as a teenager and was called to Spain during my Bible college days. I met Belén, who was still a new Christian, during my first summer mission trip there. She surrendered to missions in her own country within a short time. After marrying in Madrid, we arrived as career missionaries with our two little girls in 1992 and began helping the budding Bible Institute in Torrejón de Ardoz.

Preparing Spanish workers for the ministry has been our passion from the beginning. In 1996 we started the Tormes Baptist Church in Salamanca, Belén’s birth city, and through it have helped start several other small works. We still hope to see a preaching point in all the “head towns” of our province. The training of nationals has now become our central focus as we trust to graduate the Salamanca church and dedicate more efforts to developing national students and professors in what is now known as the Spain Bible Baptist Seminary. Spain is the most gospel-starved and least-evangelized Spanish-speaking country in the world!

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