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Zambia is a located in central southern Africa. It was formerly called Northern Rhodesia. Its present size is a little larger than the state of Texas. It gained independence in 1964. David Livingstone, the famous Scottish missionary, traveled through the region in the 1850s.


Since 1991, a professing believer has held the office of president in Zambia. In his inaugural address, he declared Zambia to be a Christian nation and claimed her people for the Lord. The people are open to listening and conversing about the Bible and Jesus Christ in both public and private settings. However, this receptivity is not particularly discerning and reflects a very ecumenical mindset.

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Past/Current Work

Stephen and Ruth Bell entered the field in 1991. There are currently six established churches, along with several outreach and church planting efforts. There is also a ministry to boarding-school students in the capital, as well as a growing ESL and literacy school, which is partially staffed by trained Zambian teachers.

Twenty percent of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS. Because Zambia has the highest orphan population in sub-Saharan Africa (over 700,000), BMM missionaries are working to implement ARC (A Refuge of Compassion).  ARC focuses on: 

• counseling and training for church leaders who assist in the care and oversight of destitute believers within the church membership

• providing church-administered shelters for orphaned children and destitute members

• offering missionary assistance and resources to churches that are actively and financially involved in meeting the needs of their destitute members

• assisting in the education and training of orphans and others


Additional church planters and teachers are needed to fulfill the ministry goals of BMM in Zambia.

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