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Three inhabited islands make up the 196-square-mile archipelago of Malta located off the southern coast of Sicily. With over 2000 people per square mile, Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its people are descendants of ancient Carthaginians and Phoenicians. Despite Malta's proximity to Italy, the Maltese language is derived from Arabic, due to an Arab invasion of the land in 870 A.D. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English.


Acts 28:1 records that the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on Malta. Today the Roman Catholic Church predominates Malta and has 365 churches on these small islands. With 97 percent of the population being members, Malta also has the highest Catholic Church attendance rate of any nation. Evangelical believers make up a very small percentage of the population.  In recent years, there has been a rise in individualism, which has resulted in Maltese shifting to a secularistic, materialistic perspective that has led to a pursuit of pleasure and "the good life."

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Past/Current Work

Joe Mifsud, whose father was born on Malta, and his wife, Jenny, had previously served in Malta with another agency. When they had first arrived, the island had approximately 20 believers. With God's help, the Mifsuds won many Maltese to Christ and established the Bible Baptist Church. The Mifsuds returned to the US, but about 15 years later, the church asked Joe and Jenny to provide leadership of the Bible Baptist Church, Malta. 

Since the Mifsuds’ return in 2007, the church has grown in size and attendance. They have started a Bible study on the sister island of Gozo with the help of a young couple from the Malta church who moved to that island to work.


Along with pastoral duties of preaching and teaching, the Mifsuds started Faith Bible Institute in the first few months after their return to Malta. This is helping to keep the church and attenders doctrinally sound and discipled.

The University of Malta, which is less than a mile from the church, and the more than 50 English-as-a-second-language schools have made it possible to start a student Bible fellowship that meets in the church. Students from over 70 countries attend the University of Malta and, because English is the second official language of Malta, the Mifsuds are praying about having a younger couple with a desire to work with campus ministries feel the call to Malta to begin working on this important “mission field within a mission field.” 

Another new ministry is the Bible study in Gozo, which is being helped by a younger couple from Bible Baptist Church on Malta. This couple is praying someone would come to help with the Bible study to develop it into a church plant, because the Mifsuds are very busy leading the ministries on Malta. There is also a project to make the church building on Malta handicapped accessible.

Much more could be done with the help of an experienced couple or singles who are willing to work alongside the Mifsuds in building a Malta team of Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries on Malta and Gozo, concentrating their ministry on the young people and students of Malta and Gozo.

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