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Many consider Hawaii to be a tropical paradise. Few think of it as a mission field, and yet it is. While Hawaii’s culture is widely Asian, Hawaii is one of the greatest melting-pot cultures and people groups. 


Predominate religions are Roman Catholic and Buddhism. Many are unchurched. Only two percent are Christian.

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Past/Current Work

Baptist Mid-Missions’ work in Hawaii was inspired by two BMM General Council members who stopped in Honolulu in 1953 on their way to the Far East.  Impressed by the need of the islands with their multiracial population, they challenged Baptist Mid-Missions to enter this field.  Duane and Jean McCrum responded to the challenge and pioneered the work in 1954, beginning in rural Honokaa on the island of Hawaii. 

The Lord has blessed over the years, and several churches planted in Hawaii have become self-supporting.  These include works in Hilo, Kailua (a suburb of Honolulu); Pearl City, Oahu; and Aloha Baptist Church (Honokaa) and Halelewa Baptist Church (Kailua) on the Big Island.


Baptist Mid-Missions desires church planters to reach the many Hawaiians that do not know Christ as Savior and to develop faithful Hawaiian Baptist churches. Although no BMM missionary personnel are currently resident, much more still needs to be done for the Kingdom of God.

Who will reach the older generation with their long-held religious beliefs centered in Eastern teachings? Who will reach the younger generations that do not see the need for God or a place to worship Him? Who will reach the university students that come from all over the world to study at Hawaii’s institutions of higher learning? Because of Hawaii’s strategic location, ministry in Hawaii opens doors to ministry in the Pacific island nations also. Who will reach people inhabiting those islands? 

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