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Haiti is a poor, overpopulated Caribbean nation. More than 90 percent of Haitians are of African descent, and 80 percent of the people live in rural areas.


Catholicism enjoys a special position and has continued to predominate since its introduction into the country four centuries ago. Haitian voodoo enslaves many of the people. Voodoo is often mixed with the rituals of the Roman Church.

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Past/Current Work

W. Ferrazzini, who came from Switzerland in the early 1930s, pioneered the work of Baptist Mid-Missions in Haiti. Our oldest work is in Jacmel, which now has a large Baptist church. A primary school of 400 pupils functions in connection with the church. Baptist Mid-Missions' medical center at Cayes Jacmel provided care to people in the mountain regions. The center is now run by Haitians. 

Two young churches located between Jacmel and Cayes Jacmel have been organized and now have Haitian leadership and are doing well. A Bible institute with several extensions brings Bible training to the people. Due to lack of personnel in more recent years, the Bible institute is functioning with only periodic modules.

A group is meeting in Perido. Some people are responding, and it is expected that a church can be developed in that area. Other works include Grand Goave (which now has a Haitian pastor) and Port-au-Prince, the capital. Much work has been done in the Delmas area of Port-au-Prince, especially among young people. The work has been productive, and a local church with its own national pastor has been established. This congregation is taking an interest in helping the mountain churches. A Bible institute extension has helped develop the good Haitian leadership already serving in the church.

Workers Needed

Church planters are needed to develop Bible-preaching churches in Haiti.

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