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Ecuador gets its name from the fact that the Equator crosses the country.  The population of Ecuador is now over 12 million people, of which approximately 61 percent live in  urban areas.


Since the time of the Spanish conquest, Ecuador has been predominately Roman Catholic, now over 90 percent.  Complete liberty of worship is guaranteed by the 1946 constitution.  In recent years, a great spiritual awakening has taken place among some of the highland Indians, with thousands being saved.  The Protestant population has been estimated at only one or two percent.

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Past/Current Work

When Baptist Mid-Missions entered Ecuador, the initial target was the third-largest city, Cuenca, at an elevation of 8,200 feet.  It is a strategic hub of activities for five provinces.

Churches founded in Cuenca include Bethel Baptist Church (1991), New Life Baptist Church (1993), and Faith Baptist Church (1996).  All of these works now have Latin pastors and are self-supporting.  Much effort has been directed toward other small towns and needy hamlets.

Since 1995, God has provided a lovely site for Living Rock Baptist Camp, 13 miles from Cuenca. Churches as far away as Guyaquil take advantage of this facility.

The Arriba Program, hosted in Ecuador from 1989-2000, gave some 70 US college students experience as missionaries in training.  Several of these students have become career missionaries. For more information on this program, visit the Arriba page in this website. 


Church planting is our primary goal. Development and growth of ministries to enhance church planting, such as the camp and Bible institute, are secondary goals. There is an urgent need for couples called to church-planting ministries.

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