Central African Republic

Land & People

More than 75 percent of the people of the Central African Republic (CAR). live in rural areas and make their living from small-scale farming or herding. Bangui, with a population of about 500,000, is by far the largest urban center in the country.


The Africa of an earlier day knew only animism and fetishism, and many of these attitudes persist today. More than 80 years of missionary activity by Baptist and evangelical missionaries has resulted, however, in a large number of churches and a great influence in society.

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Past/Current Work

The history of Baptist Mid-Missions’ work in the CAR begins with the history of the Mission itself. On January 1, 1921, Rev. William Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Rosenau, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young, and Mrs. Rowena Becker began their long journey inland to establish the first three stations of BMM at Sibut, Crampel, and Bangassou.  Eventually the ministry spread throughout much of the CAR.  Over the decades the Lord has raised up hundreds of Baptist churches.  The Scriptures have been translated into Sango; a hospital and dispensaries have been established; and Bible schools have trained hundreds of pastors and Christian workers who now carry on the majority of the work.


  • building a campus for our FIBAT Seminary, which began in 2011
  • providing training for lay leaders
  • overseeing correspondence courses
  • modeling and training to develop an indigenous, church-based missions outreach
  • writing, editing, and printing literature
  • training Africans in computer skills

Workers Needed

There is an overwhelming need for both African and missionary personnel.  Missionary pastors are needed to plant local churches and to encourage and counsel African pastors.  Seminary-trained men are needed to work with existing Bible schools or partner with missionaries in new initiatives. One to three couples could be put to work teaching in the existing Bible schools, as well as in a seminary-level program based in Bangui.  New missionaries are needed in Bangui to carry administrative and accounting responsibilities. Youth workers, and medical personnel are also greatly needed.

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