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"Work as if everything depends on you, and pray knowing that everything depends on God." That statement is a great reflection of how many in BMM approach their ministries.

Win21 Reiner TN

Restoring Light: a mission church reborn

A mission church in northeast Brazil is coming back to life and reflecting the "light of the world" to their community and beyond.

Win21 Shoaf TN

A Great Awakening

God honored persistent prayer and brought unprecedented growth to a New Zealand church.

Win21 Cameroon TN

Theological Education in 2021

In one year's time, a Creative Access Nations seminary went from the smallest in its region to the largest. Read about this and five other theological education expansions in 2021.

Win21 CAN TN

The Gospel Takes Root

God's work in Creative Access Nations: a brave public baptism, and boldly sharing the gospel.

Win21 Whitty TN

Life Building

Driving by an abandoned hotel, Penny Whitty thought, "What a great place for a school."

Win21 Hunters

Church Advancements in 2021

Despite pandemic restrictions, church planting moved forward in 2021. Read about victories on five continents.

Win21 Looking Back TN

Looking Back

100 years of BMM magazines, and preserving history in Brazil

Win21 Church Grads TN

Graduations & Launches

Churches graduated and launched in 2021 plus missionaries starting their first term of service

Win21 Stewardship Fountain TN

Your Global Impact

Your stewardship investment is reaching with the gospel those whom the world is discarding on a whim.

Win21 Give TN


Give … an investment that goes ahead of you into eternity

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