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Not Alone in This Ministry

Heading into missions can be daunting for single missionaries. Because Nicki’s sending church stood behind her every step of the way, she never felt alone—her church family became an integral part of her team.

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Lavish Appreciation

The church members of Agnew Road Baptist Church leaned forward to see the presentation, interested in photos that, to an outsider, would look commonplace. They were shots of a family’s kitchen and living room and of the home’s outside. But this was no ordinary home. It belonged to people precious to the church: their missionaries.

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Missions Continuity

Missions challenges in a transient church

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Three Ways Your Sent Missionaries Want You to Support Them

Have you ever had the opportunity to ask your sent missionaries how you as a sending church can support them? When we joined BMM in 2022, we and our church, Chisago Lakes Baptist Church (Chisago City, Minnesota), embarked on a partnership journey together for the sake of the gospel to the nations. We are learning and growing in this partnership together, being unified together for the sake of Christ’s name.

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Steps to Send

When God answers your prayers for more harvest workers, your church enters into a privileged role of preparing your members to serve Christ.

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Your Global Impact

This journal entry could be the testimony of virtually any missionary at Baptist Mid-Missions. And this is where you can make an impact in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Israel 2025

Watch the Bible come alive during 10 life-changing days as Baptist Mid-Missions leads a tour to Israel.

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