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If there has ever been a time to refocus our attention on reaching North America with the gospel, it is now!

23 Spr Jason Guam TN

Meet Jason Ormiston

As BMM's Director of Church Planting & Development for North America, Dr. Jason Ormiston is passionate about creating solutions to the problem of North American church decline.

23 Spr SCP TN

The School of Church Planting

A carpenter would be hard-pressed to build a house without a toolbox. The same is true for a church planter of church revitalizer. SCP is their toolbox.

23 Spr Different Kind TN

A Different Kind of Missions Conference

A month-long conference centered on praying for more missions laborers.

23 Spr C2 C TN

From Sea to Shining Sea

Stretching from New York in the east to Alaska in the west, and as far north as Canada and southerly into Mexico, BMM North America missionaries are building Christ’s church in diversified and creative ways.

23 Spr YGI TN

Your Global Impact

When missionaries receive the kind of specialized support that BMM offers, the spread of the gospel is accelerated.


School of Church Planting 2023

Plant and revitalize churches with excellence using proven strategies from BMM's School of Church Planting. Let our experienced instructors help you make your church the best it can be.

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