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Biblical compassion is allowing your heart to imagine going through another person’s extreme suffering and then responding in a loving manner to alleviate that suffering.

Spr22 WR Compassion TN

World Relief: Compassion in Action

A volcanic eruption on the island of Saint Vincent, a military coup in an Asian nation leaving hundreds dead, unrest in Africa, and an earthquake in Haiti—all these pull at the heartstrings of Christians.

Spr22 WR Equips TN

World Relief: Equips Missionaries and Nationals

World Relief's impact in St. Vincent, Brazil, Peru, Haiti, and a Creative Access Nation

Spr22 They Found Hope TN

They Found Hope

John and Bev Leonard turned their tragedy into ministry that gives hope to others.

Spr22 Medical TN

Medical Missions

A Q&A with Dr. Joy Anglea, BMM’s Medical Director

Spr22 Mozambique Messias TN

Kindness Matters

When Mozambique missionaries Joel and Joanie Troester welcomed Messias into their lives with patient kindness, it showed him that he mattered to them and to God.

Spr22 MA TN

Serving Those Who Served

Meeting retirees' needs at Missionary Acres

Spr22 Stewardship TN

Your Global Impact

From missionary appointees to veteran on their fields, your gift to the Global Impact Fund helps them all.

Spr22 Pray938 TN


Join us for a month of life-changing, world-shaping prayer.

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