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President’s View

The kind of feet that are beautiful are those that bring good news, the good news of salvation through Christ.

Fall21 Borges TN

Class of 2021: Esdras Borges

God's Word, prayer, and evangelism. These are central to Esdras's life, and they will be focal points in his work as a Bibles International translation consultant.

Fall21 Dretzka family TN

Class of 2021: Matthew & Holly Dretzka

A crew of New Zealanders who came to Matt's workplace changed the course of Matt and Holly's lives.

Fall21 Houtz TN

Class of 2021: Aaron & Rachel Houtz

An elderly native Alaskan woman looked up to Aaron and asked, "Are you the preacher I've been praying years for?"

Fall21 Shambaugh TN

Class of 2021: Charity Shambaugh

In God's worldwide church, Charity has seen music's special ability to build up Christians. She has dedicated her life to using this tool to strengthen Christ's church around the world.

Fall21 Launch TN

Shutdown Survivors

How God turned the hardest year for prefield ministry into a victory

Fall21 Paulino TN

"Paulino, come home"

Paulino's life was cut short by COVID-19, but he left behind a powerful legacy among his people, the Macushi Indians of Brazil.

Fall21 Shadow Wings TN

In the Shadow of Your Wings

The story of a courageous missionary serving in a time of conflict.

Win21 Stewardship Fountain TN

Your Global Impact

Your stewardship investment is reaching with the gospel those whom the world is discarding on a whim.

Fall21 Serve TN


Serve … because you are not your own. You were bought at a price.

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