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Summer 2023

God Sees Them All

Wars, natural disasters, poverty …

It’s easy to feel worn out by suffering people’s needs. But incredibly, our God carries the weight of concern for each of them. And through people just like you, He meets their needs one by one.

Consider the persecuted ethnic minorities of an Asian Creative Access Nation. For years, they’ve been on the run to escape a violent, escalating civil war. Their refuge is the forest, where there is no readily available food, medicines, or shelter.

Through trusted partners in this country, BMM’s World Relief fund is providing food packages, cooking oil, medicines, and tarps for temporary shelter. Best of all, as displaced people have seen this tangible grace of God, dozens have received Christ as Savior.

We can’t help every person in need, but we can join together to help those God brings across our path.

Please help with a gift to World Relief: | 440-826-3930

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