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1920 to 2020: One hundred years. The celebration has begun!

We introduce a new look with this issue—a fresh look for an exciting time in Baptist Mid-Missions’ history. Continuing our anniversary theme of One Gospel • One Goal • One God, this issue celebrates One Goal. We’ve shared a common goal with you, our supporters, for our full 100 years: mobilizing and equipping God’s servants to spread Christ’s gospel worldwide.

Together, we have seen God blessing this goal in life-transforming ministries on every corner of the globe. Thank you for sharing in this goal by keeping the Great Commission at the heart of what you do!

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President’s View

Churches are the wellspring of missions.

The Wellspring of Missions

Without churches focused on the Great Commission, we would not exist—and lives around the world would remain unchanged.

Guardians of the Gate

Our thanks to the BMM Council members who keep us strong and stable as an organization.

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