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Jesus often spoke of eternity and lifted our focus from our present day to future scenes in heaven. There, eternity will unfold before us in the presence of our Father, of angels, and of the multitude of the redeemed who will praise and worship the Worthy One. That reality should impact how deliberately we live, and how willingly we give.

Giving tools for an unusual year: 2020

Giving Tools for an Unusual Year

No Cap

Usually deductions of qualified contributions have a cap. For 2020, the cap has been removed! Individuals may deduct qualified contributions of up to 100% of their adjusted gross income. In fact, contributions over that amount can be carried over to the next tax year. To qualify, the contribution must be a cash contribution made to a qualifying organization during the calendar year 2020. (Non-cash contributions are subject to normal limits). This tax benefit is available only to IRS Form 1040 filers who itemize on Schedule A.

New Deduction

For those not itemizing, the CARES Act provides a new deduction for up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for married couples) in annual charitable contributions. This is beneficial for most taxpayers, who will take the standard deduction when filing. The new deduction will reduce taxable income.


In addition, donors age 70-1/2 and older can still make a qualified charitable distribution from their IRA, even though the Required Minimum Distribution is suspended for 2020. Donors who do so will reduce their taxable IRA balance.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!

In this 100th year of Baptist Mid-Missions’ ministry, may we live deliberately for the glory of God and give willingly to His work!

If you have questions about this type of gift, or other ways to give, please contact our Stewardship Ministries Department at 440-826-3930. You can e-mail us at

Spr20 Enduring Grace logo

Enduring Grace Society

Enduring Grace Society membership is extended to those who have included BMM Foundation in their estate or gift plan, who give even as they step into eternity.

Join the many who are leaving a lasting legacy through Enduring Grace Society:
E-mail or call 440-826-3930.

Kathy D. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Bair

Mrs. Esther E. Barr

Chuck and Carolyn Barth

Carl and Selma Barton

Dora and Roland Blessing

Rev. and Mrs. George Blood

Steve and Kim Brennecke

Rev. Steve and Mrs. Ricka Butler

Kenneth L. and Geraldine P. Cleeves

Elva Craig

Bonnie Crozier

Dennis Doughman

Scott and Kathy Durbin

Mrs. Susan Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Eiler

Larry and Sallie Fogle

Phil and Betty Fogle

Woodrow Fountain

Rev. and Mrs. Steve Fulks

Mary Hagberg

Miss Beulah Hager

Marilyn H. Hamilton

Mrs. Ruth L. Hayden

Rev. Bruce and Betty Hendsbee

Opal Heydt

Sun-Hee Jeon

Nancy Rader Johnson

Bert and Beverly Johnson

Mrs. Helen Jones

Verne I. Kirby

Fern Kruse

Dr. and Mrs. Max Lanz

Sallie McElwain Lemponen

Greg Lynch

Lillian M. Martin

Norman and Carol Mayfield

Chris D. McFail

Miss Esther Meerman

Evelyne Metzler

Deb and Wayne Mullin

Rev. and Mrs. Robert Mundy

Ed and Mina Oglesby

Mrs. Marilee Ostrander

Mrs. Doreen A. Pinkerton

Pastor J.O. and Juanita Purcell

Beverly Reichel

Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Jean Reisacher

Glenn and Jan Rohrbach

Mark and Debbie Seymour

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Shea

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sochor

David and Debra Strope

Dr. Jack W. and Karin de Rosset Traylor

Rev. and Mrs. Lewis Votaw

Mrs. E. Lucille Welker

John and Gloria Whitelaw

Eugene Williams

Edward G. Zindle and Barbara Zindle

Memorial Gifts

As we look back over our first 100 years, we also look forward to the work that remains undone. This would be a good year to remember a loved one by making a gift in his or her honor to BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund. The Memorial Fund helps provide for the ongoing work of the Great Commission.

In Memory of

Charles & Mary Burks

Mrs. Marilyn Merrill

Carol Corbett

Ms. Geraldine Covell

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Faber

Goodview Baptist Church, Goodview, VA

Ms. Sunnie Griswold

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hughes

Miss Gerri Moose

Mr. and Mrs. John Prince

Mrs. Vera Pursel

The Ryan Agencies

Richard Merrill
Mrs. Marilyn Merrill

Martha Dunn Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brand

Valerie Grace Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young

Ellen Wickes

Wickes Family

Gloria Winchester

Mr. Neilene Winchester

Spr20 Planned Giving

In the past, most gifts were made by mailing in a check. Although many ways are available to make a gift of cash, consider other tax-advantaged ways to support Baptist Mid-Missions’s ministries.

To discover how and what you can give, visit our planned giving website at

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