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Joyful Giving, Joyful Results!

As we comb through recent missionary prayer letters, the highlights reveal God at work and the forward progress of the gospel:

From the Caribbean:

“The disciplemakers gave incredibly positive feedback on the first two meetings they had with their disciples.”

From North America:

“God’s working in the life of a grandmother impacted her sister, who then shared her faith with another woman, who accepted Christ as her Savior!”

From South America:

“Our people are more involved in the various church ministries, like teaching in Sunday school, leading the services, serving in the nursery.”

“Recently we had five baptisms. They were done during the week in three different groups at two different locations.”

From Europe:

“The boys learn verses and songs by heart quickly and devour the Bible lessons.”

“On our last Sunday meeting together as a church, we welcomed seven people into our membership and are anticipating others joining in the near future.”

From Africa:

“I preached in English, which was translated to French, which was translated into the vernacular language. And the best news: 19 people accepted Christ as Savior!”

“The pews in the church are being occupied by new converts. Several youths are coming to know the Lord.”

“Every time we sit down to write an update, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness and goodness toward us. We always have the privilege of reflecting on how God is working in the lives of individuals—and the constant obstacles by which Satan tries to disrupt God’s work. Thankfully, God is always orchestrating His perfect plan for His Glory.”

Rejoice that the Lord is working in the hearts of men and women. Pray for the salvation of souls! Your gifts are making a Global Impact!

One way to remain a joyful giver is to see how the Lord is working around the world! 

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Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mundy

Rachel Noordmans

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Carolyn Renner

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Dean

Miss Margaret Jones

Vernon Rosenau

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houck

Mr. and Mrs. William Slocum

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Townsend

Rev. Glenn Saunders

Helen Sension

Mrs. Virginia Smetana

Brian Thompson

Mrs. Beatrice Thompson

Gloria Whitelaw

Rev. John Whitelaw

Richard Young

Mrs. Jacqueline Young

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