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When you learn of a need, you want to meet it. You hear missionaries at your church speak of their calling, and you want to help. You long to promote the cause of the gospel, but you aren’t sure how to accomplish all your heart desires. You want very much for your giving to accelerate the spread of the gospel around the world through a Christ-centered, focused missionary force.

And that is possible when you give to BMM’s Global Impact Fund.

Picture this scene

At a foreign airport arrival hall, a veteran missionary couple, weary but smiling, watches the crowd emerging from the customs line. With joy they spot the young family they came to welcome—new missionaries who visited your church. These young parents are pushing overladen luggage carts as they step out into their new ministry homeland.

Your gift to the Global Impact Fund helps them all: The young missionary family has been touched by BMM’s recruitment staff and has attended our Advance Weekend event to focus intently on missions and help them clarify their calling. They came to our Candidate Seminar to help prepare for the many facets of missionary life. They completed deputation, sharing their ministry in many churches. Once their support started, BMM’s Global Ministry Center staff undertook their accounting tasks, receipting and allocating their support as it arrived from many new sources. Field administrators introduced the family to the team of missionaries on their field and will minister to them through the long arc of their missionary service, from culture shock to retirement. And the veteran couple is working with our Missionary Finance Department as they plan their transition to retirement.

Spr22 Stewardship Veterans

Your gift touches them all by supporting the myriad efforts of BMM’s Global Ministry Center staff, who work with a single passion: to help every missionary fulfill their calling.

This entire global gospel effort is fueled when you give. Truly, hope comes when we help, and help comes when we give.

Please prayerfully consider a generous gift today to Baptist Mid-Missions to support the Global Impact Fund. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience, or you may choose another means of giving. However you give, you are sending help to those who desperately need the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. • 440-826-3930 •

Memorial Gifts

Through BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund, you can give a lasting legacy by donating in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Gifts made to the Memorial Fund are invested and are used to provide services to missionaries, churches, and ministry partners.

In Memory of

Frank & Lillian Crumb

Kinsman Crumb Charitable Trust

Verna Friesen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Budd

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Crossman

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fram

Ms. Jo-Anne Jefferson

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mawhinney

Mrs. Amy Read

Mr. and Mrs. David Reid

Mr. Randy Teachout

Daniel Gehman

Mr. Dick Alexander

Marjorie Miller

Rev. and Mrs. Donald Block

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Childers

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. David Lollis

Mr. John Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Norton

Phillip Schiffer

Westside Baptist Church, Jenison, MI

Don Opperthauser

Greater Des Moines Community Band, Clive, IA

Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes, IA

Betty Patterson

Mr. Dennis Patterson

Rabon Patterson

Mrs. Jacque Young

Martha Dunn Russell

Miss Carol Aumick

James Vander Ground

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bednar

Ms. Cheryl Yanico

Philip Vander Ground

Miss Carol Aumick

Ruth Damaris Dunn Vander Ground

Miss Carol Aumick

Lois Waala

Miss Rebecca Bishop

Percy Young

Ms. Arlene Patterson

Mrs. Jacque Young

Richard Young

Mrs. Jacque Young

Richard and Roland Young

Mrs. Jacque Young

Roland and Alice Young

Dick and Jacque Young

In Honor of

Fred Carlson

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Webber

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