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Bold Goals for the Next 20 Years of Ministry

Stewardship involves managing all the resources one has for the glory of God and the furtherance of His work. In a recent video address to the entire Mission Family, Dr. Patrick Odle shared from his heart a vision of 20-year goals. As you ponder these prayer points of Dr. Odle’s “2020 Vision,” ask the Lord of the Harvest how you might steward your life and resources to serve in His harvest, and join us as we serve the Lord together!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in the next 20 years, the Lord provided:

Fall20 2020 Vision

Please prayerfully consider your role in the “2020 Vision.” 

Memorial Gifts

As we look back over our first 100 years, we also look forward to the work that remains undone. This would be a good year to remember a loved one by making a gift in his or her honor to BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund. The Memorial Fund helps provide for the ongoing work of the Great Commission.

In Memory of

Kenneth Armstrong, Sr.
Mrs. Dixie Armstrong
Miss Kathy Armstrong
Rev. and Mrs. James Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Redka
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stoddard

Margot Webb Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young

Frank & Lillian Crumb
Kinsman Crumb Charitable Trust

Helen Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Madren

Bonnie Madren
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Madren

Rosemary McNamara
Ms. Clarissa Ertel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Strevel

Valerie Grace Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young

Doris Smallman
Dr. William Smallman

Anna M. Wivell
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gehman
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Denver, PA

Barbara Young
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young

Spr20 Planned Giving

In the past, most gifts were made by mailing in a check. Although many ways are available to make a gift of cash, consider other tax-advantaged ways to support Baptist Mid-Missions’s ministries.

To discover how and what you can give, visit our planned giving website at

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