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Certainty in Uncertain Times

In an environment and time period of great uncertainty, it is good to note the advantages of a charitable gift annuity. The advantages are multifaceted.

First, there is the advantage of making a charitable gift to the Lord’s work. Our gift annuitants are aware that they give to the Great Commission when they make arrangements for a charitable gift annuity. They know that their gift will promote the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Second, there can be tax advantages with your gift. A portion of the amount given for a gift annuity is deemed a charitable gift to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation. Our gift annuitants can take advantage of a charitable gift deduction to the extent allowed under the current tax laws. Another tax advantage is that a portion of each payment received may be excluded from taxable income.

Third, there is the advantage of a reliable stream of income for your lifetime, or for your lifetime and that of a loved one. In a time of historic gyrations in the stock market, the stability of an annuity payment is reassuring.

Call, e-mail, or send us a request for an illustration of a gift annuity specifically for you. The coupon on the next page can be mailed, or you can confidentially illustrate a gift annuity through our website at and follow the link to Gift Annuities.

If you have questions about this type of gift, or other ways to give, please contact our Stewardship Ministries Department at 440-826-3930. You can e-mail us at

Sum20 Electronic Giving

Electronic Giving Helps Save!

Giving is only “one side of the coin.” You can also reduce BMM’s expenses by changing how you give: switching to automatic funds transfers rather than giving with a paper check or via a credit/debit card. Known as “ACH,” automatic funds transfers reduce fees and resources spent on processing donations made by other methods.

Please contact us at 440-826-3930 to switch to ACH giving and help us save!

Memorial Gifts

As we look back over our first 100 years, we also look forward to the work that remains undone. This would be a good year to remember a loved one by making a gift in his or her honor to BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund. The Memorial Fund helps provide for the ongoing work of the Great Commission.

In Memory of

Kenneth Armstrong, Sr.
Ms. Nancy Clark

Al Casto
Mrs. Sharon Casto

Claiborne Harness
Ms. Christine Dedrick
Ms. Cathy Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Sorin Frangulea
Mr. Michael Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Nechvatal
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Schurdell
Ms. Nancy Van Gieson
Ms. Evelyn Sue Watson
Ms. Adeline Wormald

Ruth Martin
Mrs. Anita Ackerman

Valerie Grace Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young

Spr20 Planned Giving

In the past, most gifts were made by mailing in a check. Although many ways are available to make a gift of cash, consider other tax-advantaged ways to support Baptist Mid-Missions’s ministries.

To discover how and what you can give, visit our planned giving website at

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